Moms’ Circle of Love


India: 2003-2005

“India. She’s a beauty. So colorful and proud, she wears even poverty and over-crowding with a certain grace. But the need in India is overwhelming. And so, I’ve been trying to save babies. What started as the holding and feeding of orphans evolved into learning about afflictions such as anal fistulas, clubfeet, and hearts with holes, and raising money to change the fate of the little orphans that have them. ~Sandy Swenson, The Joey Song    



Co-founded in 2013 by Sandy Swenson and Cindy Khan, Moms’ Circle Of Love aspired to make a difference, one little life at a time. More than a dozen expats worked together with orphanages, hospitals, jhugees, women’s shelters, Smile Train, and Operation Smile— throughout New Delhi and in Dharmsala and Calcutta—to assess need, raise funds, arrange surgeries, nurse babies back to health in our homes (and see them through to adoption), provide nursing staff, medical supplies, training and support, diapers and plastic pants, floor mats, swamp coolers, crib activities, baby blankets, age-appropriate toys and playgrounds. Truly, a most rewarding experience.


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