Volunteer Work


“Maybe someday, the ripple-effect of kindness, tumbling like leaves caught in the wind, will tumble along until they reach the people we moms cannot. My child. And theirs.” ~Sandy Swenson, Tending Dandelions


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Volunteer Work:

Maternity Home Family Meals: Annunciation Maternity Home

Bistro Boyz: National Center for Children and Families

Moms’ Circle of Love: New Delhi, India

Teaching in Appalachia



Moms with addicted children. Dandelions. Volunteer, scatter goodness. Addiction. Sandy Swenson

One thought on “Volunteer Work

  1. Cecelia Jernegan

    My 46 year old son in the past 10 months has been in the hospital twice now going through medical alcohol withdrawals. This last time he was taken to ER from a 6 minute seizure. I got to witness as he was tied to the bed screaming and thrashing. He thought he was being taken hostage by a cult. He forgets the 5 day detox. I can’t unseen. I would have never made it this far without your book: “Tending Dandelions”. He is 2 weeks sober. I found your website today. I think I can push forward now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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