Tending Dandelions

Today is the Big Day…TENDING DANDELIONS is now available in bookstores!

: vibrant golden-yellow flower. under-appreciated. thrives in harsh conditions. shabby tufts scatter the flowers of tomorrow.
: a weed or a wish, depending on point of view.
: strong. like a roar.



7 thoughts on “Tending Dandelions

  1. Wendy Echard

    I just finished reading The Joey Song. Thank you, Sandy, for taking the time and making the effort to put your experiences into words. The reliving of them had to have been painful; hopefully, it was also somewhat therapeutic.

    Throughout my son’s addiction -13+ years?- I have worked on my own recovery. Somewhat sporadically, since there are times I choose to stick my head in the sand. The many stories I’ve heard in 12-step rooms prove that I am not alone in this journey, yet none have resonated so much as The Joey Song. I look forward to reading Tending Dandelions!

  2. lisa lempp

    Another poignant, supportive, loving gift you again give to all who are living in and with the terrifying epidemic of drug/substance abuse and addiction. Everyone knows someone now that is struggling, recovering, and sadly, dying from this widespread drug epidemic. Your book, The Joey Song, your truthful words & story about your son and you and your family living with addiction., Your book gave me so much support, and guidance. Thank you Sandy. Tragically, My son, Michael, lost his battle with addiction last Christmas Eve. My worst nightmare and premonition has occurred. We all need education, support, and 12 step programs to face another day and learn to live with or without the addict. I can’t wait to read your newest book Tending Dandelions. Thank you for being so brave, so courageous, so honest and loving. So many people will be helped by your loving gift of writing.

    Love, Lisa
    Mamabear to Mikey & Danielle

    1. Teresa Corley

      My son Joey lost his life to the drug , the day before Christmas Eve, 2015. My older sister has childern in the battle now, I pray they will change before it’s too late. I hope this book will help my sister cope.

      1. lisa lempp

        hugs Teresa. We both lost our sons to addiction and I am truly sorry you lost your Joey. I hope you have found a good support group for your grief. I suppose they are no long suffering from addiction. However, we will forever be missing them and loving them, awaiting the day, until we meet again.
        love, lisa

        1. Maria Engel

          I am so sorry for your losses! My daughter died last week only 20 years old. I am devastated! I miss her so much. How do you survive?

  3. Gail

    Thank you for putting my emotions, feelings and thoughts in writing. Each day I hope and pray my daughter continues in her recovery from addiction.


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