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Treasure the Treasures

Excerpt from Tending Dandelions: 

There was a time when I had to put away all the photos of my son. I had to tuck them in a drawer, out of sight and out of mind. They taunted me with too many happy memories that made me too sad. They were a reminder that addiction had reduced my life with my son to something that fits in a frame. The empty space where he belonged poured into mine, filling it with loneliness. But, things have changed. My son is back, displayed, along with his brother, on bookshelves and tabletops all over my house. The photos, the memories, still bring a tear to my eye, but now I treasure the good times from before. They are gifts. I am blessed to have had so many years of such happiness, and not even addiction can take that away. It turns out that, after everything, I still have my son’s smile, the sound of his voice, and even his sweaty-boy smell after a long, active day. Memories. Treasures. They are mine forever. Flower petals pressed in the pages of my mind.



Moms with addicted children. Dandelions. Addiction. Sandy Swenson