It’s Here! Where Love and Addiction Meet, moms with addicted children, empowerment….We are a sisterhood. A club. A flock. We are moms who love a child suffering with the disease of addiction, and together we are a mighty force. We belong to a group no one would ever want to be a part of, but once we discover the love and support of other moms on the same journey, we find the power of Mom Power, a power we cannot imagine being without. Attached in spirit, we are carried forward, onward, and upward on the winds of one another’s strengths.

By moms and for moms, is a place for moms with addicted children to turn when love and addiction meet. A place where empowerment blooms from helplessness and pain. A place to connect with everything you might need to find strength, wisdom, perspective, sanity and hope during a most confusing and scary time. A place created out of recognition that a healthy mom can change the dynamics of the place where love and addiction meet. will help you to put the stigma, shame, blame, guilt and silence behind you so that healing may begin.

One by one and one after another, is helping moms with addicted children to change the way addiction is perceived—in our homes, in our communities, and in the reflection our beloved children see in our eyes. 

Together, uplifted by one another, we moms can change the dynamics of the place where love and addiction meet.

And together we are stronger.


3 thoughts on “It’s Here! Where Love and Addiction Meet

  1. Sheila Barrett

    I’d love to be helped by other Mom’s and I’d love to help other Moms. My son has been an alcoholic for a long time and just relapsed after 2 1/2 years of sobriety. Such a disappointment. Those two and one half years were divine. I feel that I need all you other Moms who have experience and wisdom of this disease. Relapses can be devastating.

  2. Annemarie Duffy

    My son is in denial about his addiction. He is an alcoholic who stopped drinking and now take tramadol which he buys online. I am heartbroken. He is 34.. Because of the lies., I cant have him visit me. Also because seeing him slur his speach and become aggressive. I dont know how to help him anymore. In the past I have set up all sorts of help and he used doctors to get medication.

  3. Cathy

    I would like to join. I would like to know how I can help. In addition to being a Mom of an addict, I’m a licensed clinical social worker, credentialed alcoholism & substance abuse counselor & have 32 years of sobriety & recovery. I’m a high school social worker. I’m managing to live a great life in spite of my son’s disease although it takes some work! I’d love to help other Mom’s!


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