Mom to Mom: Finding Peace

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Mom to Mom: Finding Peace. Moms with addicted children

Dandelion Strong–Help and Hope for Moms with Addicted Children

Mom to Mom: Finding Peace

“It is what it is.” I feel like this is something people say when they want to give me a bit of comfort but don’t want to get involved. When I hear these words, I feel like a door has been slammed shut (by someone who has no idea what my ‘it’ really is and who doesn’t really want to know).“It is what it is” sounds so trite. A callous and crisp cliché. But . . . . “it is what it is”, truthfully, is the truth. (Although, it’s not the warmest way to say it.)

My son is an addict. Addiction has cheated us out of a relationship, and it may very well kill him. I must live with the fears and heartaches of this, whether I want to or not. ‘It is what it is.’ I can either plod through my remaining years as a miserable mess, or I can move forward with some sense of serenity. I can quiet the noise in my heart and my head. Really. I can face what is head on (instead of looking back at what isn’t).

I can only find inner peace by first acknowledging reality.

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By moms and for moms, is the place for moms with addicted children to turn when life and love meet addiction. A place where empowerment blooms from helplessness and pain. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!

Sandra Swenson is the author of ‘The Joey Song: A Mother’s Story of Her Son’s Addiction’ [Central Recovery Press 2014], ‘Tending Dandelions: Honest Meditations for Mothers with Addicted Children’ [Hazelden 2017], and ‘Readings for Moms of Addicts’ App [Hazelden 2018].

Moms with addicted children

Together We Are Stronger


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