Mom to Mom: The Land of Tears

Tending Dandelions, The Land of Tears

I’ve lived for years in the land of tears—and there’s no escape from the sadness.

By day, I retreat, pushing other people away, and I roam the dark house every night. I cry, I pull myself together, and I crawl back into bed. I get up, I fall down, and I try not to drown. I can’t eat. I eat too much. I eat away at the fears and worries that are eating away at me. I slap on a smile, I force out a laugh, even on days when I don’t make my bed and don’t take a bath. I build up a wall, I knock it back down. My love and loyalty get kicked all around. I pretend to be strong. I pretend not to hurt. I try to believe things are going to get better, but too often I don’t believe they will. I suffer in silence; I feel so alone.

I’ve lived for years in the land of tears—and there’s no escape from the sadness.

“It is such a secret place, the land of tears.” ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Today’s thought from the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is from the book:

Tending Dandelions
by Sandra Swenson

Tending Dandelions

Dandelion Shop for Moms with Addicted Children, Sandy SwensonThe Dandelion Shop is a curated gallery of Dandelion Designs created in partnership with an array of ETSY artists especially for moms with addicted children.

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One thought on “Mom to Mom: The Land of Tears

  1. Linda D.

    22 years I’ve been in this fight.. i’ve Tried everything that could be tried but nothing has worked. My son is now 36 years old, a heroin addict and I am 71 and a worn out mom. I have looked for a place for me for a long, long time but, until tonight, there was none to be found. This just might be what I have been searching for. My heart aches so much at times I think it will explode and my time here on earth is Rapidly slipping away. I’m looking forward to exploring this site and all the resources it provides. Thank you so much Sandy for finally saying out loud what my heart and mind have been saying for years. Maybe now I can find a little bit of the peace I have been searching for these past many years. A place to finally connect with. This new journey begins now.


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