Mom to Mom: Getting Honest About Our Kids and Their Addictions

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Please join Sandy Swenson on Thursday, September 14 for a Hazelden Webinar!

Time: 9:00-10:00 AM Central Daylight Time

As mothers of addicted children, we share realities we never expected our families to face. We are in this strange, shadowy place where love and addiction meet. Fear and shame may have caused us to go underground, to internalize what our family endures, sleepless night after sleepless night.

It’s exhausting. We need help. We need to help each other. We need to help each other break through the fear and the shame and the stigma. We need to shine a light on the disease of addiction and stand up as the families fighting it on the front line.

No matter what your family’s specific situation is, one thing is constant, you are not alone. Please join me for an hour of understanding and support as we talk together about the disease of addiction, how it impacts us, why recovery is just as important for us, and how we can make each other stronger.

P.S. Dads are invited too!



3 thoughts on “Mom to Mom: Getting Honest About Our Kids and Their Addictions

  1. Teresa Shaffer

    Hi Sandy, I found your site while doing some research for Mothers of Addicts! I am the Mother of 3 sons. ALL of which are addicts, one is an alcoholic who in the past has been addicted to drugs, the other 2 have very recently and in the past have addictions to Meth, Marijuana, pills, pornography and probably some things I don’t know about. I am starting a support group for MOTHERs of ADDICTS. The reading that I have done on your site has given me great confidence in my journey, a journey of which has taken about 14 years. Silence is not the answer, and I spent so long in my HELL without support. Praying for the Hearts of ALL Mother’s of Addicts. Thanks for listening.

    1. Sandy Swenson Post author

      Connie, the session was recorded so within about 24 hours this same link in post above should take you to there. Xoxoxo


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