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  1. Joanne Preston

    You are amazing . I am so blessed to know that you are sharing all your experiences with your son’s Alcohol and drug addiction . My son started using when he was about 12yrs old . I wish I had your resources then but I didn’t . I knew it wasn’t just a phase by the time he was 20. I was s single mom . Thank God I found Alanon. When he was 25 he married a beautiful young women & they had a beautiful little girl . They both continued to work and go to school . He continued using . They both graduated from college . Three yrs ago they got pregnant again and then he decided to use heroin again . He O D’d on 10-11-14. I have been the nanny granny ever since . I hate this disease . My second granddaughter will never know her Daddy . She is 3 yrs old and Bella is 6 years old . I wish every mother of addicted kids had your book and resources . You are helping all us understand our part and pain . God Bless you ! Joanne Preston


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