Mom To Mom–Facing The Holidays When Your Child Is Addicted

“All I want for Christmas this year is my son back from the addict who stole him, but that’s not a gift I expect to find under the tree this year. Instead, I will wrap myself up in the peace of the season.”

It has been ten years now since my son even pretended he was coming home for the holidays. I’ve had time to adjust to the way it is and stop wishing for the way it should be, but time hasn’t taken away the hurt—or the hole where he should be. I suspect it never will. Instead, over time, I’ve grown stronger. Over time, I’ve learned a few things that have helped me to get through and even enjoy the holidays again.

Please join me this Friday…. Mom to mom. (The webinar will be recorded and archived for future viewing at the same link.)


5 thoughts on “Mom To Mom–Facing The Holidays When Your Child Is Addicted

  1. Kathy

    Yesterday, I said no to my son. He is one month out of a 90 day rehab in Florida. This is at least his second attempt in an over 10 year life of addiction, He is 33yo. I paid the last rent, and he did not have a plan in place for the past month that i paid. He called me desperate, begging to pay, that he would be kicked out…and i said no. I said that i loved him and he would have tofugure it out, and i had faith that he could. He made a deal with the manager of the halfway house, a bandaid till Monday. Today, i am struggling with guilt, sadness, and an empty heart.

  2. Tina M Reighard-Foltynewicz

    Good morning Sandy,

    I read your blog on being Judged , Thank you, I felt connected to someone who understands the feelings of not having anywhere to go that is the right way and at the end of the day knowing only love is the answer. , I think to a mother love still never feels like it is enough. I read your first book, and saw a webinar you did last year, I need to buy your Dandelion book. Reading is a great way to feel connected when you never really lose the pain of seeing your child suffer with the disease of addiction.

    1. Sandy Swenson Post author

      Sandra, the webinar is accessed at the same link ( You will need to complete the registration form. xoxoxo

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