Mom to Mom: A Dandelion Movement



I am the mom of a child suffering with the disease of addiction.

And I am part of a movement — a movement of moms shedding their shame and scattering seeds of truth.

You see, I see a wish, not a weed, in my child.

So I’m helping to change this place where love and addition meet.


I am part of the dandelion movement.

When addiction first takes root in our child, we may be completely unaware, but once we’ve heaved ourselves over the monstrous hurdle of realization, the recovery journey begins.

We learn, we grow. We cry, we wilt.

We learn the value of nurturing ourselves.

We find strength, we bloom.

And finally, like fields of frazzled flowers, we scatter seeds of truth and goodness, changing the dynamic of this place where love and addiction meet. One by one, and one after another, we are carried aloft by the hope, the help, and the beating hearts of other mothers who love a child suffering with addiction.

We may often feel fragile, but we are strong.

And we are many.

We have the power to overpower the destruction that addiction spreads.

No more shame, no more silence.


“As tired and tattered as we may be, like the deceptively delicate dandelion, we moms are made to persevere.” ~Sandy Swenson














The Dandelion Shop is a curated gallery of Dandelion Designs created in partnership with an array of ETSY artists especially for moms with addicted children.



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