Announcing Where Love and Addiction Meet

For Moms with Addicted Children

moms with addicted children

Launching on Mother’s Day!

By moms and for moms, is the place for moms with addicted children to turn when love and addiction meet. A place where empowerment blooms from helplessness and pain. is dedicated to educating, enveloping and empowering moms with addicted children. Our goal is to connect you with everything you might need to find strength, wisdom, perspective, sanity and hope during a most confusing and scary time. is mom-driven and created out of recognition that a healthy mom can change the dynamic of the place where love and addiction meet.

By providing myriad support and educational resources, we will help you come to understand addiction as a disease, not a moral or parental failure. Not a disgrace. Helping you to put the stigma, shame, blame, guilt and silence behind you so that healing may begin.

One by one and one after another, we’re helping moms with addicted children to change the way addiction is perceived—in our homes, in our communities, and in the reflection our beloved children see in our eyes. 

Together we are changing the dynamic of the place where love and addiction meet.

And together we are stronger.

moms with addicted children

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Together We Are Stronger


One thought on “Announcing Where Love and Addiction Meet

  1. Vickie Woolard

    Thank you for sharing this . We’ve been dealing with this intensely for about ten years but it started way before then . From a gunshot deer hunting accident to the eye at 16 to a horrific car accident the next year … our son has been self medicating for a very long time . He is addicted. I want to live in joy again . I have to. I have another child and grandchildren and myself and husband to live for . I’m tired of crying and waiting and wanting. I believe in God. I trust Him but always fall back on what I could be doing . I’ve exhausted all efforts. I pray. I trust and fail often . But Im picking myself up and this comes perfectly for such a time as this . Thank you . I’ll be listening. I’ll be looking up at the sky on Mother’s Day evening and thinking and praying for us all… I’ll be feeling the strength from all us Moms. So thank you … I’ve ordered both books. I already have others- promises for prodigals is another I love I’ll be watching and listening and supporting .


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