One thought on “Enabling

  1. Luzy

    I have so often blamed myself for I don’t know what. I don’t know where I failed as a mother. I have felt guilty because I can no longer go on…I am done! And this makes me feel worse and at the same time as a cold soul. I have three grown children who ALL are addicts…my oldest is married and my daughter-in-law is in the same place. I have them staying with me along with their 3 kids. I have taken over 90% for the care of my grandkids. The oldest grandchild is 14 and has recently started lying…skipping school..and just not what I expect of her. I feel I cant go on being there for the kids nor the grandkids…I feel like “running away”…giving up on my house – let them run it to the ground – just get lost and not have to think of anybody and anything…is this normal? Am I a had mother?


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