2 thoughts on “Feels like war, addiction quotes

  1. Tirzah Weast-Powell

    Amen!!! I have been waging war to save my son off and on for over 17 years along with trying to make sure he doesn’t loose parental rights of his girls and fight for us to maintain a relationship with our granddaughters. My heart is heavy and tired but I continue to rely on God and His strength.

    1. Ann

      My son is 25 and has been doing drugs over 8 years. He has be in and out of rehabs in Maryland, Florida and California. I have been there though his addiction and sometimes feel like I’m a addict as well with going though all the emotions of the addiction. I just pray that god saves my son . I am going to reach out for help , it has stripped me in so many ways that know one could understand but a love one that has or is going though it.


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