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  1. Sue

    26 year old son started at 14 illeagal drugs. Back in 2007. Moved area to area no change moved from vic to qld got in with doctor hoppers the high is cheaper. Doc gave so many diffrent scripts for 2 yrs went to mental health after police triuble got off most did 7 mth rehab. Son was back started going for life etc.
    Bad influence/friends returned same doc as previous put son back on the meds again (can he really do this). Now at the point trying to kick son out. Thanks doc and bad influence friends. Son is at a total loss again.

  2. Kimberlee Winslow

    My Son is 26 years old and a addict since he was 18 . I have never give. Up . I have done it all 3 rehabs 3 months of sober living. Moved him out of the area twice. He was picked up for violation of Probation 6 months as an inmate. He became the person i felt he should be while he was in for the 6 month. He doesn’t live with us he lives with my brother not to far away but in a small appartment attached to my brothers hone . He recently was hired at a low paying job . But i am started to see a change in him again . I don’t know if it is depression or if he his doing drugs again or Drinking. He has started to be distant again and doesn’t get out much at all. I take him to and from work until he is able to pay for plates and repairs. On it. I’m a Mom i can normally see when drugs have taken over . But again he doesn’t live with me. Does anyone have a solution or advice to give me. I’m just at the end of my rope with the emotional rollercoaster ride. I keep in touch with him every day. I feel at times im just chasing my tail. I feel at times i need to brake communication at times . I don’t see the guy that was in jail for 6 months. He gets annoyed with me. Maybe it is me . I try to give him good advice and i make sure i do not tell him what to do.. I’m at a loss and I don’t know what i should and shouldn’t do. Please help with suggestions I’m open to all

  3. KAREN

    My almost 28 year old son is using Meth and has spiraled out if control. Let a high paying job slip away firm him, has walked away from all family that loves him. I’ve done all I can to get him help, ultimately it is up to him to make the changes in his life. The addiction has taken a toll on my health, I have such anxiety now due to worry over him. I am now trying to find support for myself to help me deal with what feels like I am mourning the loss of my son. I have grieved as if he has died. My heart bleeds with pain for how my beautiful boy has decided to live his life. Thanks for listening.

  4. Traci

    My son is 24 years old and he has been addicted for 7 years! My heart breaks daily! Joy has been striped out of my grief for the son I miss. I did not cause this but he tells me constantly YOU ARE THE REASON I DO THIS! YOU MAKE ME WANT TO DO IT! How did I do that? I love my son to the moon and back but not this addiction! God please take the wheel and guide me!!

  5. Tirzah Weast-Powell

    Amen!!! I have been waging war to save my son off and on for over 17 years along with trying to make sure he doesn’t loose parental rights of his girls and fight for us to maintain a relationship with our granddaughters. My heart is heavy and tired but I continue to rely on God and His strength.

    1. Ann

      My son is 25 and has been doing drugs over 8 years. He has be in and out of rehabs in Maryland, Florida and California. I have been there though his addiction and sometimes feel like I’m a addict as well with going though all the emotions of the addiction. I just pray that god saves my son . I am going to reach out for help , it has stripped me in so many ways that know one could understand but a love one that has or is going though it.

      1. Dawn

        I too am suffering the addiction that has taken my Son. He is lost not dead. I too feel the grip on my life as if I am being taken under by this disease that I believe is caused by the drug. I gave him the same chance at a normal life that all babies get. I am now going through extortion because tough love just isn’t the answer for this kid who is a full grown male with two children of his own. I cannot give up the fight to get my life back. I pray for us all through this God awful affliction.

      2. Helen

        Thanks 4 sharing your feelings.. This addiction my son has is taking me right with him n I never touched the drug.. Just starting to reach out 4 help n guidance because I feel the end is near. Makes me so upset get sick to stomach weight loss n my god has it changed my personality. I was easy going n fun loving. Now I am very short tempered n nothing is fun no more..


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