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  1. Ann Westmoreland

    Hello.Im a 65 yr old mother who has a son 45 yrs old that has been doing drugs all kinds any way since he was 16. 29 yrs of his lies manipulated feel sorry bad luck. Im not doing drugs stating over and over.Stealing from me and his dad.No responsibility for his children or grandchildren.For years I have not believed him.But over and over as a parent especially a mother its .I love the quotes thanks for sharing..

  2. mindy womack

    This helps because I am a mother of a son that is an addict an I’m lost as to what to do!!! He used to b such an outgoing, funny,life of the party kind of person but the drugs have made him a totally different person as I no that happens!! Thanks for listening!

    1. Brandi

      Hi Mindy! I too am a mom with a son who is addicted to drugs. Benzos. No amount of love or support i give him seems to help. I’m at a loss

  3. Aurora

    Hello I’m a mother of two boys whom are addicts to what I don’t know or maybe I don’t want to know. The swearing , the anger , the disrespectfullness they use towards me is something that I am so tired of and don’t know what to do . I don’t want to kick them out of the house because I believe they need help and being out in the street is not going to help them . Readinng these quotes , help me and I hope that together we might be able to find a way to help these kids turn things around . May I post some of your well put quotes on their Facebook ? I hope it can help them see what I’m feeling and going through . Thank you .

    1. Sandy Swenson Post author

      Hi Aurora, I’m sorry that you, too, know this pain. Please fell free to share my quotes as you like. Thanks for reaching out. Truly, together we are stronger. Sending hugs and hope.


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